This allows multitasking by video operators so they can be more efficient instead of just sitting in front of a screen.

I'm amazed at how many out of area people are registering. We have people from Montana, Utah, the Bay area, southern California, the valley, it should be really fun.

I took my old Carnation Milk truck. It was my favorite toy, but then some of my friends came to school with tractors and I really took a liking to them.

High waters will sometimes take the fun things, that can happen with low waters, out of the race. Last year's event was a disaster, as far as weather goes.

It would take a hurricane to stop the event.

Delighted and where I want to be for London.

As a parish priest you're formed much by the people you serve and live with.

This is definitely a big endurance test. Part of the reason people keep coming back is they want to see if they can make it through another trail ride.

It is important to go into this process with a completely open mind.