We don't know the extent of those problems, but we're doing that assessment now to make sure that people are safe.

From what we're hearing, the infrastructure seems in such bad shape, it doesn't seem reasonable to start rebuilding on that particular site.

Today I've basically laid down the gauntlet and said, 'I challenge you to come in and help too.

It is a medical emergency so these people really need to be removed.

The doctor responsible for health care in that region advised us that these people needed to be removed to receive proper treatment. And that's the advice we accepted.

We're prepared to act in Ontario and we want to hear from his officials as to what the next step should be.

It's all about coverage. We have been looking at how we can grow our coverage.

We're making sure that what we are doing here today is now in law.

It gives me a sense of the big picture, of the challenges we've got. What it tells me is we have a problem in rural Ontario.