We have consensus on a couple of major points. One is the value of early retail contests in Iowa and New Hampshire and secondly, there needs to be a more diverse set of early contests. We're trying to give appropriate weight to both premises.

It is decision time, and we need to begin to narrow down our options . . . and make what may be some hard decisions for all of us.

We have decided to add at least two and perhaps as many as four contests in addition to Iowa and New Hampshire.

Gopher tortoises will dig burrows and red-tailed hawks and great horned owls will hunt in the open pines.

Since we (the officials) are bound to Rules Book, we have to treat all shots 'through the green' exactly the same, ... Sure it's imperfect but believe it or not, the rules have evolved over the years. Maybe this will too.

The soil and drainage are still intact.

I can stand here and tell you in full assurance that our Lorie is home and that's because of Jesus' unfailing love.

A1 Team USA is focused so much on the driver and its race team, that it is an honor to be chosen to serve as part of this team for USA, ... I certainly will use my experience in the last 25 plus years to give Team USA the edge.