This agreement is vital to meet consumer demand, which will only grow in the coming year as the Gulf Coast rebuilding effort moves into high gear.

Housing markets across the country have cooled, as predicted, and builders are aware that some slowing in demand is inevitable following the record-breaking sales for the past three years.

Throughout the process, builders have been pushing to resolve this dispute in a manner that leads to free trade, and we are pleased that this framework will ultimately lead to this favorable outcome. We urge both governments to quickly finalize the accord so that we can achieve this important objective as soon as possible.

This is an exciting time for the building industry. Builders say more customers want green homes, and we are ready for that challenge.

After several record-breaking years for home sales, builders are anticipating a return of the market to a healthy and steady pace.

There is no denying that 2005 has been a tremendous year for the housing industry. Very favorable interest rates and strong buyer demand has helped spur the housing market beyond the record sales set in 2004. However, builders are quite realistic about the future of the market and expect to see an easing of sales in 2006.

A property owner is, in effect, blocked from using the federal courts to enforce the Fifth Amendment's just compensation guarantee. As a result, property owners throw up their hands and give up without ever getting a fair hearing in federal court.

This home fits right into its neighborhood. It is a mainstream home. Seventy percent of the new homes that Americans buy every year are built by large home building companies that have been seeking ways to incorporate more green-built features into their products. This home offers solutions.