We incorporated in '97 and started working it really heavy in 2000, ... The main reason for our growth is our commitment to leading commercial technology and integrating that into the federal space.

When we crunch numbers for 1999, we may see a corresponding increase between sales and piracy in that region that would take those numbers back up again.

I sang there as a child and through high school, ... My goal is to give people hope at any given night someone is out there in a desperate situation.

Life Is A Church.

I have a wonderful wife.

If I had a conviction strong enough to make a promise to my constituents, I believe I'd stick to it.

Members are very much scrambling to see what's going to happen.

Something in life inspires me, ... I have a song on my new record, 'Visions of God,' about my kids and not missing the important moments.

We just got a new contract with Telefonica out of Spain, ... They recognize our success (in the U.S.), and they want us to work with them with the government there.