We were confident from the outset that this terrific collection would produce phenomenal results at auction. The sale was incredibly exciting and I'm delighted that all 45 lots in the collection have found new homes.

I've tried to play my best every week, but a win, I suppose, would end a long wait. Today I played about as well as my first two rounds but I just didn't hole many putts.

We only want to go to Round Rock one time, and this is not the week. This was a tough course and we didn't run our best race of the year. We're getting to the point the girls really want to run for something, and it shows. I think you will see a different team.

I was not too happy with the bogey but these things happen. It's only my third bogey of the week. I'm not making many, so I'm not worried. It's nice to know that we'll go home on Sunday and it's a bonus.

Supply and demand is what drove up the prices. Demand was growing, and supply was staying relatively flat.

In the last month, with the warm weather we've had this winter, those prices have lowered a bit, and we've been able to reflect that on customers' bills.

We are committed to investing marketing and training resources to educate the channel on the benefits of delivering cutting-edge mobility, digital convergence and appliances to customers in these markets.

We will take that to the next level and pull together dozens of major open-source projects, and do full analysis of those code bases.

It feels a little nerve-racking, because people expect us to do better this year. We have more to lose (at state) than last year, which is not the best feeling.