"David John Owens APM" is the former Deputy Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force in Australia and was appointed to the position in August 2011 having performed the role of Deputy Commissioner (Field Operations) since December 2007.

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We scraped back and that was good to see. We are so young and we'll learn from this and from our mistakes.

It was just one tremendous explosion. Just, boom! Nothing like you've ever heard. I've been to the fireworks on the Fourth of July. It's like standing right next to the barge (used to set off fireworks displays). It's a major tragedy. I can't believe this.

It was pretty tough, really, because it was so humid. The rain kind of cooled it off, but after that the greens were slow.

It'd be kind of nice, but it's already been enough to be recognized here by my colleagues in Northern Kentucky.

I am very pleased with the progress our kids have made this year. They have improved and gained valuable experience that continues to make them better.

As soon as she pulled up the picture, I knew it was Sommer. I went into my bedroom and kind of cried and Brittany and Sommer, they both talked to each other until about 2 in the morning on instant messages.

If you start pressing the edges and going beyond what other folks have done, sooner or later the courts will say they'd like some study showing that there's a negative impact.

We are very honored and happy to be playing the last few years in this event. Our kids look forward to it and I appreciate them inviting us.

They must be very profitable because folks work hard to find a place to put them.