A stock that's seen a lot of bad news is First Union, ... Here is a great stock with depressed earnings and interest rate fears. When the clouds are darkest, that's when long-term investors can really save for retirement.

This is the time, ... to buy Disney ( DIS ), when they`re going through operational difficulties and cleaning house. They`re getting out of the businesses that don`t make sense and investing in the businesses that do.

The pipeline is terrific, ... They've probably got the strongest, best, broadest band of drugs for sale today and in the future. And remember, if you think back to the early 1990s when health-care reform was a big deal, nobody wanted to buy these drug stocks. And if you had bought them, you made a lot of money and we think the same thing is going on with some of the Medicare reform today.

I think these markets are pretty resilient. We're seeing individual investors really taking advantage of the long term ... filtering out the short-term.

We think a good quality company with a long track record, like Compaq is going to find the right CEO and they're going to turn this boat around and it's going to be a lot higher than it is today. ... I think they've swept most of the bad news under the rug right now and we're looking at Compaq as really going forward.

It gives a great opportunity to Allstate to increase their business.