David Ortiz
FameRank: 10

"David Américo Ortiz Arias", nicknamed ""Big Papi"", is a Dominican-American professional baseball player. Ortiz is a designated hitter who occasionally plays first base for the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB). He played with the Minnesota Twins from 1997-2002.

Ortiz is a nine-time Major League Baseball All-Star Game/All-Star, a three-time World Series champion and he holds the Red Sox single-season record for home runs with 54, set during the 2006 Boston Red Sox season/2006 season.

Ortiz has hit 466 career home runs, which ranks 33rd on the MLB all-time home run list. He is the all-time leader in MLB history for home runs (415), runs batted in (RBIs) (1,343) and Hit (baseball)/hits (1,890) by a DH.

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You know how it's going to be.

That guy never gets down.

I just love the feeling from the fans and when I'm walking on deck I can hear people screaming and wishing you the best. That puts you into the game more than anything.

I'm getting pitches to hit and swinging. Once you get your pitch, keep swinging.

It's cool to deal in the good times, but let me see you face the bad times. Let me see how you take it when things aren't going well. And he might be one of the best I've ever seen [at dealing with highs and lows]. That's why I never give up on him.

We've got to be ready. They're trying. I'm pretty sure they're going to step up when we really need them. At the right time, I bet you they'll be out there for us.

I showed people that it's not about guessing what people can do. It's about saying, 'Here, show me what you can do.'

We try to have a balance ---- a little bit of everything.

Through the years I've been getting better and better and better, and it's what you learn though the seasons.