"David Muhammad" was born on August 17, 1970 in Somerset England. Muhammad has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences of all ages to take their rightful place in the world by embracing education, liberation and empowerment. David is the author of the book: The Black Studies Anthology - An ordinary level, academic course covering the subject areas of Black history; its economics, philosophy, psychology, education, and creative expression. In its first year, some 1700 copies were sold. It is no surprise that another edition of this successful book is in the making, and is carded to be launched in 2015. He is a contributing writer to the T&T Mirror and Final Call Newspaper the most widely circulated international Black publication. His interest in Black consciousness became activated and focused when he began studying Sociology at age 17. In 1978, he returned with his Trinidadian parents to the Caribbean. Today, he is the Trinidad and Eastern Caribbean Representative of the Honourable Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

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I think someone might have gotten in there.

Everyone is in shock. People are going through the process of realizing, wow, it's really official. The mayor is gone.