Our recommendation is that there should be no trade at all until these quotas are published. We need clarification on the size of the stock and the quotas being proposed.

We certainly hope that this is temporary, but if the problems are not addressed satisfactorily, it could be a longer time.

The export quota has been coming down, but so too has the population of the species.

We just have to get this right, because there are not enough fish left.

What the big issue is going to be is how much of an adverse visual impact it has, ... We haven't even begun to look at all the different options. Can it be moved? Can it be painted white? There are all these different values to consider and there's lots of opportunity for compromise to minimize the visual impact and still provide the cell coverage people need.

It's pretty scary actually. I predict a lot of systems are going to have to go on water conservation. A lot of people are going to have to stop washing cars and watering their lawns and that kind of thing.

I now believe there is a move to embrace it on a controlled basis.

These changes clear the decks, taking risk out of the balance sheet and improving transparency for the market.

I was hanging around with the wrong crowd.