I think (the Colts) are a fabulous team that went on a great run on us. I think there are some things that I should have done differently as a coach to stop their big run, and I didn't. And I think there's more blame that should go toward me than my kids because my kids played their heart out.

I'm extremely proud of how my young men played.

Sacrifice - they worked hard. They didn't care who was the leading scorer. That sets the tone. When you've got unselfish seniors, that sets the tone for the guys. And we're very, very happy with what they've done.

I historically save my timeouts for the end of the game. By then, it was too late. I should have used them, I should have got my guys more strategically ready to play against (the trap). We were prepared for it. We were ready.

This is our second time in three years. We know how it feels (not to win a state championship). We don't want to come home feeling the same way.