You need the years to sort of let the emotion go, to be sensitive, but to let the culture as a whole experience it fresh without it being exploitive. If you tried to do it in 2002, it would have been too raw, too fresh.

It appears that age-related cognitive changes are the result of combined influences on the gray matter and the white matter.

There has been plenty of opportunity for students to find out were they are going under no stress. We haven't had any problems at all, and I have thanked the students for that.

We feel that results of our tests represent an important first step understanding the complex relationships between aging, brain structure and cognitive performance. The brain can be very plastic in how it re-directs pathways and functions in response to circumstances.

We have only had small problems. A few teachers have had problems with their new phone numbers...things like that. The teachers and students have both said how much they like it here. We wouldn't have been able to open this building without a great effort from the managerial and custodial staff. They have done a wonderful job and I want to thank them for that. It has been a good process.

We didn't want to make things up. We didn't want to turn this experience into something that was melodrama ... to 'Hollywood' them up.

We need a governor who will function and treat his position as a job. It's not the position you take on issues, it's about being able to get things done.

There has been a lot of foresight and planning to help with the smooth move into the building.

I have walked hundreds of kids to their classrooms the first week. But the second week, we are back in business.