I had been stopped a couple of times -- once in a Lexus and in a Blazer. Both of the cars had factory sound systems. I understand the citizen's position on noise, but the city was towing cars that didn't have loud sound systems. When it happened to me, I knew there was something wrong.

I guess you could say they consulted with us, but it wasn't like a friendly exchange. We got a cease-and-desist letter from them.

Knowledge of music business gives us access to artists, talent and a unique approach to performing services for advertising. Not to mention the branding implications of unique music with original sense for linking an advertiser, its message and its target.

I'm excited about it. It's been about five or six years since I was involved with the All-Star game, and we had a good time together.

I'll be on the field about 100 plays a game (this year), ... (But) I'm all about winning, so if they need me to step in and help then I'm going to do it.

They were the first to offer, and that's the only place I really wanted to play. For me, I love the city of Boise and I'm really comfortable with the whole staff down there. And what I like most about that program is they win and they win the right way.

Hopelessly attracted to pretty girls with mental problems.

Whoever did this spent a long time igniting anything they could find.