In terms of chances for success against entrenched competitors, even if it's faster, better (and) cheaper, it can still be a huge hurdle to go against a big competitor.

Eighty percent of participants pay all their staff above the minimum wage, and many of them are concerned about the flow-on effects of the 25 per cent increase to the minimum wage being promoted by NZ First and the Greens.

There is no difficulty with that concept, but not all companies have received the same level of profit.

That's the official [Bush] administration's view of what happened.

I look forward to speaking with the citizens of Pulaski County about how the judicial system works. Not only am I willing to present the Pillar of Justice Program about the court system, I'm also willing to speak at special events such as Memorial or Veteran's Day, or during special school activities.

Government might want to consider how it can wriggle more cleverly to balance the 25 per cent increase against its commitment to lift economic growth.

We did not wish to produce a report that contained a number of serious allegations unless they had an opportunity to comment.

We now have the specter that new forests might increase greenhouse warming through methane emissions rather than decrease it by sequestering CO2. This paper will undoubtedly unleash controversy, not the least of which will be political.

We wanted quite simply, and perhaps naively, to let both sides make their case.