You are going to start seeing a lot of squirming and shaking now.

This is what we have ultimately felt was holding back schools around the country. When people ask us what the major impediments are to starting more schools like KIPP, it's the three F's - funding, facilities and freedom - and facilities are kind of the most prohibitive.

There is no padding in the shoulders. It is a much more relaxed, casual fit.

Most of these people that are in these cells, 23 hours a day, are going to eventually be released, ... and they are going to come out a lot worse than how they went in.

That's going to be a shocker.

Rochester is definitely our growth vehicle, ... It takes four Casual Male (stores) to get the sales of one Rochester.

That's been a boon to our suit business. As younger guys see [players] dressing up more, that has an effect on fans. They'll be more comfortable wearing suits.

It's really death by incarceration. You're really putting someone to a slow, psychological death, and I think that is really cruel and unusual punishment.

If you can fog a mirror, you can probably get money.