Fishermen's Village is key to our survival. We need to stay there. We've been good to them in the four years we've been there. Right now, there's a war going on and we're losing servicemen and women. It's not the proper time to be throwing the military museum out in the street and dishonoring veterans in anyway.

We're open to other people's advice. But I never want to be in a situation where someone else is telling us what to play -- unless it's someone we trust. But you know, we're not anti-label, we're not pro. We don't prefer majors to indies. Someone will eventually take us home or, if not, we'll do it ourselves.

Theoretically, the distribution fee should include an element of payment for advice, after the banks complained that the public wouldn't pay for advice. But being an adviser means more than selling: one has to examine the portfolio, update it and sometimes recommend that the client sell.

This is a great honor. It is part of being recognized by your colleagues.

Get that f****** thing out of my face, dude.

We really do love playing music. Most of what we hear from people at our live shows is, 'I had a lot of fun.' Well, I had fun, too.