We are fortunate to have as our coach somebody of Sam's stature both in the USA and internationally. I believe Fort Worth will immediately take a liking to him -- he is personable and excited to work in this community.

As we age, not only do we lose fat in our faces but our bones actually change in contour, often making us look older than we feel.

We don't usually think of the shrinking of the bones or manage this in terms of aging. I think what we need to look at a way to combine a traditional facelift with something that adds volume to the face, like with fat injections.

Served its useful life.

Our findings lead us to believe soft tissue augmentation will play an even greater part in facial rejuvenation in the future.

[Conseco] is my baby. I think we made the Fieldhouse more intimate than people expected. Some wanted 20,000 seats. I'm not at all frightened about having 3,300 seats. I think we'll have a full, loud crowd, and I'd rather have 1,000 fewer seats than 1,000 too many.

When we think of aging of the face, ... we typically just think that the soft tissue -- the skin and the fat -- deteriorates and becomes looser or bigger and we typically just lift everything back up and take out some skin to tighten it back up.

Many people believe that only gravity creates wrinkles; however, we have discovered the loss of volume in the face and changes in bone structure also contribute to making us look older.