At a time when our party should be providing forward-thinking leadership on energy, it is truly unfortunate that some choose instead to exploit current events and perpetuate America's dangerous dependence on oil. It is time for our Republican leaders to step up and act in the long-term interest of the American people, rather than the short-term interests of the oil and gas industry.

We are particularly pleased that many of them have already warned leadership against trying to put Arctic drilling back into the legislation in conference with the Senate.

That's a big thing to watch for. We want people to have a BMI of 25 or less, but if you're black from Africa, you might be able to go up to 27 before we have to worry, ... If you're Caucasian of European background, we'll stick with 25. But if you come from the Orient or the Indian side, we may want you down at 23 before we're satisfied.

I don't know that's it's maybe as well known now as it was in past years, but it really has passed into folk culture. The truth is that Rock City's advertising has overshadowed Rock City itself.

The subject of scars comes up several times. And one of the things that appeals to me is that in the end, there's no promise made that everything's going to be wonderful. There's hope, but there's no promise. You just get the feeling that these people have finally broken through each other's armor.

I really like these two people. They're iconic. They're archetypal. They're real, regular people, and the play resonates so much because of that.

What we are seeing is a blatant effort to exploit a national tragedy to advance long-held oil and gas industry objectives. I hope that a majority of our Republicans in Congress will see this misguided opportunism for what it is and reject it.

It costs $55 to $60 to fill this. Normally, you can get around with a half tank. With the prices being so high, you rather settle for a quarter of tank than put in a half tank because it's so expensive.