David J. Moore
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"David J Moore" is an United States/American businessman. He is a former Interactive Advertising Bureau/IAB chairman, current IAB board member since 2001, and Chairman, CEO and Founder of 24/7 Real Media.

Moore is also the Chairman of IAI Advisory Committee. He is on the board of Visible Technologies, on the board of a non-profit AEF and on the board of Auditude.

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Consumer demand for high-quality broadband video content is creating extraordinary new opportunities for online advertisers, and 24/7 Real Media will continue to create innovative video-based products and services that empower advertisers to take full advantage of this exciting medium.

They were pretty open with me. These folks came in sure that because they are poor and black, they would be treated as second-class citizens. And they've had their eyes opened, ... They now tell me they can't believe how nice everyone treats them – even the police. They're saying they now want to stay in Texas.

If we have trouble with cell phones and land-line telephones, they serve as our communications element, ... We lost cells and land lines in the 2001 tornado, so we used them as our primary form of communications, with radios in different vehicles.

Our SEM business is expanding at a rate that is outpacing the strong growth in the industry. Leveraging our industry-leading Decide DNA technology, we continue to attract and secure business from some of the world's best-known brands at an unprecedented rate.

From our point of view, the important thing is that the emerging Internet TV landscape still has the potential to be free, non-commercial, and built on open standards. We're working to ensure that Internet TV is open and accessible, just like blogging and podcasting are.

My wife and I have lived in Lake Forest for over eight years. We love Lake Forest and serving on the Historic Preservation Committee is a chance to give back some of what this community has given to our family.

Many tears will fall, many tributes will come. My husband and I will remember these two brave and unique women. Bless them, and bless their family.

We've come out with a preview version of our DTV application -- RSS, BitTorrent, VLC -- for Mac OS X in August, with a PC version to follow thereafter. It gives viewers a TV-like experience watching video online, unlike almost anything that can be delivered in a Web browser. Users can browse and subscribe to any channel, like a free TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) for Internet video.

A person should weigh the risks, but shouldn't pass up an opportunity to use a good tool.

She fulfilled all of our expectations and exceeded some.

The Lake Forest Caucus system has a thorough application process.

People came in here without anything. They were tired and hungry and angry, convinced they had been abandoned by America, ... But this city and its people stood up to help. I've had literally thousands of volunteers show up, ready to help, ready to work.

Despite initial criticism of the federal government's slow response to Katrina, Bush's overall job approval rating remains essentially where it was at the end of August.

Video is the future of digital advertising - no other advertising vehicle combines the sight, sound and motion of television ads with the interactivity, targeting and measurability of the Internet.

She came along at a time when Radford University was growing rapidly and we needed some new people -- she just fit in.