"David Ives" is a contemporary American playwright. His plays have appeared both Off-Broadway and on Broadway theatre/Broadway. He has written for the New York City Center Encores! staged concert series for many years.

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Writing a play, you start with less, so more is demanded of you. It's as if you have to not only write a symphony, but invent the instruments as well.

The goal of the conference is to revive the interest and knowledge about Albert Schweitzer and the humanitarian values he promoted.

This documentary is the first attempt since 1957 to revisit the thoughts and ideas of Albert Schweitzer using the technological tools of today. It is also an attempt to make Schweitzer understandable to the youth of today using a medium through which they are used to receiving and processing information.

I hoped that students would emotionally connect to the people and problems they saw around them and want to do something about it.

I've taught both screenwriting and playwriting, and playwriting is both much harder and much more rewarding. One can teach people how to tell a story in cinematic ways, but theater is a much more elusive craft.

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