"David Lee Hull" was a philosopher with a particular interest in the philosophy of biology. In addition to his academic prominence, he was well known as a gay man who fought for the rights of other gay and lesbian philosophers.

Hull was one of the first graduates of the History and Philosophy of Science department at Indiana University Bloomington/Indiana University. After earning his PhD from IU he taught at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee for 20 years before moving to Northwestern University/Northwestern, where he taught for another 20 years. Hull was a former president of the Philosophy of Science Association and the Society for Systematic Biology. He was particularly well known for his argument that species are not sets or collections but rather spatially and temporally extended individuals (also called the individuality thesis or "species-as-individuals" thesis).

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Creating a SID is a long and complex process, and the most difficult step is getting super-majority approval from property owners to assess themselves for common services. It's essentially a self-tax.

And they deserve to live, but I think if we have high populations of people we should control the high populations of the sea lions. We have to compete, too.

The businesses in this area are very good about supporting our efforts because it benefits them as well as us. Their contributions are very important because our annual operating costs are between $100,000 and $150,000.

It's a combination of new service hours and taking existing hours that aren't very productive and moving them into services that are more productive.

All of the pieces, or different tasks (in the grant), are all things that are going to help us do a better job of managing the resources in Humboldt Bay.

Important (research) primary materials.

It probably grew up here. It hasn't bothered anybody.

We're looking forward to hearing what people have to say.