You don't see too many women and when you do, they're all covered up.

To us that was the last straw and we started attending City Council meetings asking the officials and the builder to take responsibility.

We fly in helicopters and save soldiers and little kids and people from other countries, ... We fly in helicopters and pull them out of danger.

Women are secluded. All you see is mostly just males. The only time I've seen women is when we're flying low over the houses and even then, they're covered.

Do we have problems? Of course we have problems. There's no one that can do an average 12 surgeries a week and not have any problems.

The Afghan people in the city live in something like mud houses, ... If they live out in the country, they live in old-time tents with no electricity. In town, they sleep on top of their houses because it's so hot at night.

I think she struck me as being a little overwhelmed.

Frontier is trying to work with us and they have been very responsive to our situation.

Do they have schools?