The people who come to us are desperate. It's as if they're in a burning building. Their lives are at stake.... We didn't feel that we could morally back out and put these people back in the fire and let them die.

Everyone seeing that deal understood that an outfit like Lee wouldn't put that kind of money into a company like this without taking it apart and putting it back together again.

He is making every effort to recover progress.

Despite the lack of manpower on the job, they feel that they've made some significant efforts in terms of working overtime and weekends to recover the schedule.

Land banking is a centuries-old practice. In any market where folks smell escalation, they are going to land bank.

It's locally led so the national teams are responding to local input. Style does give those things character, but above and beyond, that is creating livable communities. We want to create urban centers that curb urban sprawl.