I don't think Eddie really appreciated how fondly the people at Derbyshire thought of him until recent years and I know it meant such a lot to him when he did.

This is a serious occurrence. I'm not trying to down play that, but we're also trying to give you a perspective on the frequency of these activities. Sharks do frequent those areas.

It's amazing to be able to come up over a ridge line and see this expansive newly formed land, and it's the newest land on earth.

People may focus on the fourth quarter but overall, it's been a very good year.

The reality is that from an investigative standpoint, we may have (seized) firearms that are not properly in the system that could be linked to other investigations and other crimes. So the sooner we get that information on the system, the better.

He has a genuine love for the university and with his abilities, he will have a great impact on the board.

We need to find out what's going on.

I didn't see that there was enough there to offset the risk of growing tobacco.

That calls for a lot of speculation. We're not even sure what species the shark was.