It's a great stadium, great crowd, ... That's what Auburn football is about. But it's unacceptable to lose at home and that's what we did. It can't happen anymore.

Our corners were way too soft early. I don't know if they were intimidated by their speed or intimidated by 21 (Johnson).

It's not fair to Brandon Cox and our offense to get in a hole 10-0, ... It's not acceptable and can't happen any more. I thought we were passive, especially early. It allowed the quarterback to get in a rhythm and have some easy throws. Once our guys got their confidence and started tightening down, I thought we did okay.

He throws the ball better than Ball does and runs just as well. Maybe we will have learned from our experiences.

It would be different if I was stepping into a place where they'd been terrible on defense and had a whole bunch of turnover within the staff. But the three coaches back are good football coaches and nucleus of our defense is back. I'm just going to go out there and try not to mess it up too bad.

I've always been on the field. The guys I grew up under always did it. The guys who taught me what I know were on-the-field guys. That's my background. I don't know the other way. I guess everybody here has been upstairs.

He's continued to get better and better and better. Different guys are going to play out there. Whoever's No. 1, whatever that means, there'll be more than one guy out there.

We started so slow and they started so fast. We can't put our offense in that kind of hole.

Our secondary grew up a little in the second half. There were some positive things going on.