She is in a tough spot. On the one hand, she is a very hard-working, conscientious public servant. She is going to want to pitch in if needed. On the other hand, she seems to sincerely want to spend more time with her ailing husband, and I don't think she is interested in sitting in October and November, only to be replaced and have no vote in the cases she sat on.

The museum resembles a cathedral. I'm sure that gothic cathedrals were a big inspiration. There was a time when people thought that art museums were replacing cathedrals and churches as a place where you could have a transfiguring experience.

[There is no clear answer yet regarding the question of the] proper scope of executive power, ... is the most uncertain, and arguably the most significant issue in constitutional law today.

She is in a tough spot.

We shot ourselves in the foot several times in the first half. But the kids responded to the talk at halftime. We started to come off the ball.

Say what you want about Voice of Fire, but it's one of his most important works and would have tremendous market value. It's one of our signature images.

Unlike most American galleries that increasingly have to cover the bottom line, the National Gallery of Canada is a large gallery in a small city and there's not so much pressure to have this huge attendance that you night have in Toronto or Montreal.

A-level examinations were taken in 19 different subjects and students and staff have again worked extremely hard to achieve these excellent results.