"David Flynn" is an Irish composer and musician with a number of major awards and commissions to his name. His recent music is noteworthy for merging the influence of traditional Irish music with contemporary classical music and jazz. He is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who works across many genres including classical, jazz, rock and traditional Irish music. He performs regularly on guitar, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki and vocals.

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People, when they?re driving on mountain roads ? curves are to be expected, and it?s not practicable to sign all the curves. Just the general nature of the terrain would suggest there are curves.

Am I disappointed that my own speaker decided to do some arm-twisting? Yes, I'm disappointed.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the team.

We had 90 votes (in favor) that I have seen melted down in the last two weeks. I am disappointed in my own speaker. I don't know who convinced the members to change their votes, but regardless of any arm twisting I am voting for the people of Massachusetts. I am ashamed to be a Democrat today, and all we are doing is pink-slipping 6,000 people.