"David Alexander Fagan", ONZM, is a New Zealand sheep shearer who has won the New Zealand Golden Shears contest a record 16 times. Setting 10 world records and winning 5 world, 6 world team, 16 national titles makes him New Zealand's most successful competition sheep shearer, and he continues to win nationally and internationally.

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The whole philosophy is to shrink the newspaper and compact is probably a truer definition than the other words out there. We are a very good news-breaking paper and that is something that won't change. We could be the size of a postage stamp and we'd still want to break news.

There's quite a few young guys coming into the shearing industry now.

We did a big dummy run on Sunday but did not take it to the press. A lot of our paper is produced in [tabloid] format; it's not like we are going from a complete broadsheet.

We were terrified at the idea of producing two papers. But when The Times went fully compact, we looked at it very seriously. It took away that whole argument that you lose quality if you are a compact newspaper.

Almost 700 Local 150 members earned cost-of-living increases under these agreements because they are the most efficient, highly skilled workers in the industry. Rather than follow the lead of the rest of the industry, Levy insists on wage and benefits cuts.