He looked at me and just shook his head. I said, 'How much free rent do you want?' But the guy just walked away.

I was excited, ... I was trying to get a computer because it would be the only computer I ever had of my own.

We had our break-out quarter in that second period. We had been stuck at about $8 million in quarterly revenue, and then in the second quarter we hit $11.6 million.

I spoke to Freddie about it, and he agreed immediately to put his name on it. He thought it was a brilliant idea, and he will play a part in being the young sportsperson's mentor.

I was like it's just like the playoff game. Keep trucking, keep trucking.

We need to get back on a winning track. We lost a tough one, and then we've gotten beat pretty soundly these last two games. So, we just need to get things back on track.

Jon Beranek and Ryan Skriver worked their butts off. Jon Beranek stepped up huge. I'll tell you what, late in the fourth quarter he bent over backward. I thought his knee was gone. He gets up and 'I'm fine. Let's go.' That's how you play West Branch football.

It's a dream come true. He makes his reads; he runs people over.

I don't think Alan did anything wrong. He relied on his accountant.