And when we go to our highly integrated chip, we're going to take off another 44 percent. So we think we've got a substantial lead today, and we're going to keep that.

As a brand new startup company, one of the things you have to do is go out and raise money and be a visionary. I came up with the basic ideas for the technology here, so I'm more of a technologist. And I really had a longing to get back on the engineering side.

We expect to sell a lot of chips.

People like to say we're at war with Intel. But I like to say we're going to expand the market.

We're not trying to displace, but embrace the marketplace.

As people want to go and include things like wireless technology in these things, where do you put the wireless chip? There wasn't any room left on the board.

It's more appropriate for a chief technology officer to be out there talking about the future product strategy and technology development.