I'll take these gentlemen to battle any week. After what we've been through on this trip -- bad weather and delays -- we still lined up and played ball. We played good enough to win, and we know we can handle adversity.

It wasn't just performance. It was a few things. I didn't like the way he responded when I took him out, and he did a few things that rubbed some guys the wrong way. I just don't think he'd have the respect of those guys if I put him back in there.

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J.R. was not getting the ball out there in the first half. He was anticipating a little too much. I took him out late in the first half, and it allowed him to watch and see what was going on. When he came back in the second half, he had the right formula.

He's got to be smarter with his pitches.

I had to get a different quarterback in there. There's absolutely nothing you can do to overcome a lack of focus from the quarterback. If he ain't got his head in the game, I've got to get a new head in there.

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