Audrey didn't do that.

This transition away from magnetic storage will allow us to work toward a new business model, which includes improving our profitability rates over the next two years. Assuming a recovery in the semiconductor industry by early next year, we believe we can achieve our new business model targets by the end of next fiscal year.

Those are our homes down there. That's where we live, and we can't get back in.

This has been going on for 13 days now, and we feel there is a vast improvement in what's been taking place here.

Professors certainly have a right to disagree about pedagogy, ... It would have been both illegal and immoral for Brooklyn College to allow KC Johnson to face another official inquisition. Thankfully, this dire outcome has been averted.

I am pleased with the company's financial performance in [the second quarter], as we have completed the restructuring of the company around our core analog mixed-signal and embedded products, with our core products showing sequential revenue growth of 11 percent.

Our focus on these product lines is leading us to sustained profitability, strong gross margins and a solid cash position.

The company has begun to deliver profitable year-over-year growth in our analog, mixed-signal and embedded products. We achieved 18 percent year-over-year growth in these product categories, we have a strong cash position, and the underlying fundamentals of the business are strong.

With a lot of the red-state government officials you have a near-total abolition of the preexisting strong bias toward Northeast schools.

We've been having amicable discussions with Pocopson Township authorities, and look forward to reaching an agreement soon.

These layoffs are difficult but appropriate to enable progress toward our improved business model and to enhance shareholder value.

About 52 percent of students enter college campuses attending church regularly -- [but] by their senior year, only about 29 percent are still attending church regularly. [T]he fact of the matter is that this loss of faith often is hastened and assisted by a series of unconstitutional policies and a culture that relentlessly attacks Christian belief. And so we're going to be standing against that.

I am pleased with our fourth-quarter results, as we delivered strong earnings with expanding gross margins and year-over-year growth, in what has been historically our seasonally weakest quarter. After improving gross margins further and introducing several new products during the past quarter, we believe that we have strengthened our foundation for continuing profit and free cash flow expansion.