Just as we did in the McCarthy era, we have offset the decline of traditional forms of repression with the development of new forms of repression. A historical comparison reveals not so much a repudiation as an evolution.

Recognizing that the No-Build alternative fails to address the long-term congestion problem, we believe that only the N8c and N2 alternatives are realistic prospects for a solution.

On hybrids, it's a question of whether there's significant demand for a product that's significantly more expensive.

Content is just starting to ramp up.

The Klan, like everyone else, can pick up garbage on the highway, ... They can't be penalized because they discriminate. Lots of groups discriminate. The Boy Scouts discriminate against gays. But when and if they [Ku Klux Klan] engage in criminal conduct or violence, the state should go after them.

Obviously, it is an image thing. It is good to be green.

I think the Moraine plant is probably going to continue, and get considerable investment.

There's a history of people commuting for good jobs in Maine, ... We're a mobile state because of our rural nature. To make it work as a car pooler, you need to be able to link up with people in similar situations. And the higher the price of energy, the more incentive there is to car pool. An organization like Go Maine helps find that needle in the haystack.

I find it shocking that in the United States of America in 1999 people can be locked up for years at a time without having the most basic opportunity to confront the evidence against him.