The fact of the matter is that Hong Kong is going back to China and C.H. has the ability to work with China as well as the Hong Kong people. Tung's approach is by building a bridge to get to know China better, have a better relationship with China, so that China will let us have our way of life long into the future.

By hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, I believe the world will have a better understanding of China and her people.

I like a nice, solid tie to go with a nice, crisp poplin shirt, and with a khaki suit.

I think there is time for men to dress up, there is time to be casual and there is time that you need to work out, to be athletic. So there're all three different lifestyles. But you know that is why I designed the collection really fitted for today's lifestyle.

I've drawn a lot of inspiration from the '60s.

It's really a lot more high-performance material made out of lycra spandex, nautex material which is waterproof and breathable as well.

[Chu grew up in New York and Connecticut before deciding to return home to Taipei, where he started an export business with some friends.] A year and a half later, we had blown all the capital we had, ... I said, 'You know what, maybe I should go back to the United States.'

The inspiration's drawn from the same era, so it's all very slick and very trim and fitting, using ice blue colors, soft pale yellow and some bright colors, and then mixing with shades of khakis and yellows.

So when you print it on this nylon material, the entire jacket illuminates. And it's really, really an interesting jacket to have for people that run and jog and work out.