Japan's recovery is really firmly based and it is driven by domestic demand. For the rest of Asia, the pace of growth is expected to continue at a decent level this year and next.

I think it (Japan's economic outlook) will certainly be revised upwards, probably significantly, in light of the strong performance recently.

I'm not surprised they filed (the request to dismiss). I think we will be able to show that (the development) will have a negative effect on their property value and that will be enough to provide them with standing.

Everyone's vision is that Wellington can be more than the winter equestrian capital. I think it can be the equestrian capital -- winter, spring and fall.

There is scope to do more, ... a favorable environment to allow greater exchange rate flexibility.

I know what it's like, ... I know what these men are going through. I know every one of them, and it pains me that I'm not over there with them.

I think everybody feels a little bit of compassion, that wants to help out in some way and this is our kids'‚ way of wanting to do it. The kids really initiated everything.

We do see scope for greater flexibility and utilizing more fully the flexibility allowed in the existing system.

It also occurred to me, what's the nature of the emergency? They did not point that out.