You wouldn't believe she could be so devious.

She's a good player. This girl is going to make her even better.

If there's ever gonna be a good loss. This was a good loss.

The recent name change to the Old Mutual Advisor Funds II enables us to market all of our fund choices under one common Old Mutual branding strategy. The new manager assignments further enhance our product offering to the financial community as part of a broad, multi-tiered fund family that provides solutions for a variety of investment needs.

Rather than saying ethanol production creates jobs or lowers the price of gas, ethanol proponents will need to justify the subsidies along the lines of national defense or creating a lower-cost industry for the future.

They're playing smart, being aggressive, taking shots when they have them. We're going into state with the best team we've had all season.

It will be a long wait before U.S. farmers can produce energy more cheaply than the Saudis can pull crude oil out of the desert. Pulling it out of the desert is cheaper than trying to grow energy through corn.

There's no more hit-and-giggle. They're out there playing for pride.