David Blunkett
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"David Blunkett" is a British Labour Party (UK)/Labour Party politician and the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough (UK Parliament constituency)/Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, having represented Sheffield Brightside (UK Parliament constituency)/Sheffield Brightside from United Kingdom general election, 1987/1987 to United Kingdom general election, 2010/2010. Blindness/Blind since birth, and coming from a poor family in one of Sheffield's most deprived districts, he rose to become Secretary of State for Education and Skills/Education and Employment Secretary, Home Secretary and Work and Pensions Secretary in Tony Blair/Tony Blair's Blair ministry/Cabinet following Labour's victory in the United Kingdom general election, 1997/1997 general election.

He was promoted to become Home Secretary following the United Kingdom general election, 2001/2001 general election, a position he held until 2004, when he resigned following highly publicised matters related to his personal life. Following the United Kingdom general election, 2005/2005 general election, he was appointed Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, though he resigned from that role later that year following a large amount of media coverage relating to external business interests in the period when he did not hold a cabinet post.

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I may be blind, but I can see how inspiring it is to be me.

I regret the time and resources needed to undertake this but... it is right to lay this accusation to rest.

We obviously have the right to go back to Parliament and to say 'We, the sovereign body who are elected, are the only ones in the end who are answerable for the protection of security and stability in our country,'.

I want to go back to a time when I was very young, when you expected the police to be part of the community and the community to be part of policing.

None of us believe countering terrorism is about party politics.

If anyone... seriously believes that a further exponential rise in the prison population for short-term prisoners and first-time offenders is the way to ensure our safety then they are sorely deluded.

Politicians are just as human as anybody else.

They should go back home and re-create their countries which we have freed from tyranny, whether it is Kosovo or now Afghanistan. I have no sympathy whatsoever with young men in their twenties who do not.

Sir John was an excellent Commissioner and I was proud he invited me to speak at a number of his farewells.