There was just a huge need in the industry for some independent people with a real strong knowledge of the industry and their methods.

You need to know how to ask the right questions.

It didn't take long. I saw early on that he was a guy who was going to be able to play for us, with his talent and abilities, and he had worked hard to get in shape.

We've become a very sought-after partner for developing Broadway musicals.

We don't know why the numbers are up. There hasn't been any apparent growth in the county, yet some of the enrollment figures have grown and we aren't sure why.

The new building will have eight classrooms, with a faculty lounge, offices and a library. The facility will have the latest technology with audio enhancement equipment, smart boards and computers in every room. There will also be a small computer lab as well.

He's getting better every week. He's kind of quiet, but that can be good sometimes. He just goes out there and does his job.

What makes Seattle unusual is that it's one of three great theater towns in the United States.

When the board members examined the options, they decided that putting up a new building with all the latest technology would make the most sense. In the remodeling scenarios presented to the board, the district would spend a lot of money and still have old buildings that were just retrofitted. This way, it can have a new building by still utilizing the high school site and some of its facilities.