The train is rolling. It's time for people to get on board.

The Illinois Conference of Churches regards the granting of an exemption to any government entity for expedient purposes of economic development to be a gross violation of the religious freedom secured by this nation's laws and constitution.

The Internet lets us do that for first time in the history of computers. It lets us, in effect, make them into one big parallel supercomputer.

I like science fiction and I read it a lot - if I were a collector, I would bid for his works.

I'm not fretting about having to put on the pink underwear.

Prices are rising because of expectations. If we have it in our heads that oil is going to do well and we start putting dollars into it, then the prices will iron out.

It's worked. People come up randomly and just pray with me.

I'm very entrenched in where I'm at and what I'm doing.

We wanted to win.