I tried to go get (the puck), and it jumped over my stick, and I couldn't play it where it landed.

I would say I definitely had a couple tough days after that last game.

Usually, you should win those games. Somehow, right now, we're a little short. Unfortunately, we lost again. I don't know if it's weird. I think we just have to play a little bit better and do the little things.

For me, when I came to training camp, I turned the page. You worry about the guys who are here, not the guys that aren't here.

Usually, you should win these games. Somehow right now, we are a little short.

It was a stupid play by me to take that call. I didn't play the way I know I can play. It was frustrating to me and it shouldn't happen.

(Weaver) rimmed it and I tried to go get it. It jumped over my stick and I couldn't play it where it landed. I had to go back in my net and there was a pass in front and the guy shot and scored.

I feel better and better every day. It's 1 inch. It's not a lot, but at the same time, it is a lot. It's definitely different.

You should win those games. Right now we are a little short. We've lost games weirdly.