Nobody has really dogged me yet. Like any player, you perform well and they'll like you. If you don't, they'll get on you just like anybody else.

I think it was more joking than anything else. The fans know the game and what went on. To me, you get traded for a guy like that, it's a compliment, and it gives me an incentive to keep working hard.

We saw a wide-open opportunity. There really is not a dominant player right now, there's a lot of experimentation.

There were a number of folks who were really advocates of salvaging that house. I can't tell you how hard we worked to do that.

You never thought you'd really have to use it.

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Sitting in their dugout for three years, I think I've come up with a scouting report. But I'll still treat it like a regular start. When you're between the lines, it's not about (facing your old team). It's about competing - and hopefully getting a win.

They kind of gave me a couple different options. I told them last year, I did the same thing.

This is the last line of defense before south Stockton.