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The trout are fine. If you?re going to eat other resident fish, you should follow the guidelines for bass.

All in all, I would like to continue with the same group of guys that we've got now. And obviously we're looking forward to the social events we're going to have.

With events like the Super Bowl, you see a polarization. You're going to get the big guys, but you're also going to see smaller guys blowing their whole ad budget just to get top-of-mind awareness.

This is good information for monitoring, but we already alert people -- especially women, infants and children -- that bass is in the high category for mercury, ... These levels wouldn't change our advisory.

What we have right now is like a small city. It would be nice to have flushable toilets, but that's not in the foreseeable future. Thank God we've got power.

Multiple hours a day on any of those activities decelerates communication with the family unit and can foster an escape from reality that, in time, becomes unhealthy.

It?s not a requirement. It?s not a law. All we can do is provide people with information and they can make their own choices.