They're basically cinder block walls and a black concrete floor right now. We feel it's important to make the artists feel special and important, and that, we think, will help them put on a better show for the audience.

The kids got to play against teams from all over the country, from Portland to Miami and L.A. to Vermont. They were always willing to hop in the van and head out to play.

We're going to put $300,000 into the concession stands just to revamp them.

We've passed through the Lansdowne Historic District. It's beautiful.

First Midwest is very hands-on. They want to be intimately involved, and the capital improvements and attention to customer service is a welcome change. I know it's going to bring up the level of expectations for my staff as well. I'm looking forward to it.

You'll now be able to go to one area for pizza and another for grilled items, another for general concession items, as well as hot dogs, ice cream and pretzels. We think it will improve traffic and speed up service. It will also enable us to add more food items, such as kettle corn, funnel cakes, elephant ears and snow cones.