Probably, again, a lot of little things.

In a game like this we didn't expect to be down. The way we answered back in the ninth inning really shows a lot about our team.

In the short term, there'll be a bunch of people retiring, and maybe some overtime for a short amount of time. Once they start hiring people, they'll hire them at $14, not at $25. It will be a downward spiral again.

Two years ago when we played Grinnell in the semis, a lot of our main guys had to play 32, 30, 28 minutes. Tonight we were able to keep those guys in the 21, 22 (minute) range.

Pat has kind of worked his way into some minutes because he's relentless. We call him a kamikaze because he's fearless out there, so Grinnell's style fit him perfectly.

Over the trip we played really well. The 6-0 record explains everything. From an offensive standpoint a lot of it was just mental and being able to get everybody their at bats. Everyone is comfortable now and we have our bats going into the conference season.

We had to do some other things at that point, but we were still OK and had a chance to win the game.