Dave Parker
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"David Gene Parker", nicknamed ""The Cobra"", is an United States/American former player in Major League Baseball. He was the 1978 National League MVP and a two-time batting champion. Parker was the first professional athlete to earn an average of one million dollars per year, having signed a 5-year, $5 million contract in January 1979. Parker's career achievements include 2712 hits, 339 home runs, 1493 runs batted in and a lifetime batting average of .290. Parker was also known as a solid defensive outfielder during the first half of his career, with a powerful arm. From to , he threw out 72 runners, including 26 in .

He was a baseball Major League Baseball All-Star Game/All-Star in , , , , 1985 in sports/1985, , and . In the 1979 All-Star Game, Parker showcased his defensive ability and powerful arm by throwing out Jim Rice at third base and Angels catcher Brian Downing at home. Parker also contributed an RBI on a sacrifice fly and was named the game's MVP.

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This is great for you and great for our city.

When I wasn't selected for an interview for council, I kind of thought this might be coming.

The good news is it's confined to the building of origin.

My comments at that time were based upon some projects that were coming forward that, when you read the projects and read the proposals and the staff reports, it made you wonder who was driving the long-range planning, ... Were we waiting for developers to come forward with a plan or were we stepping forward with a vision of our own?

Out of 500 deals I've done, this is how I've done all of them, ... Ours is a straight deal. I just finished a similar deal with a national church organization. I'm really surprised.

We are a small group with a big heart trying to make a huge difference in our world the best way we know how…after all that's what Jesus told us to do.

This was my goal to reach this point. But we were thankful to have that building, too.

I did think it a little ironic that we can have two task force meetings and a public hearing and have a half-cent sales tax within six months but we still don't have a clear direction on a nonsmoking ordinance.

It's pretty big. It's got 41 buildings which contain 468 apartment units, and it sits on 21 acres.