"David M. Nonis" is a former Canada/Canadian ice hockey defenceman (ice hockey)/defenceman, and is the current senior vice-president and general manager of the National Hockey League's Toronto Maple Leafs.

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I think he'll learn a lot from [coach] Brent Sutter and it's a very good situation for him. We thought he'd learn more in this year of junior and part of that meant playing on this team where you have to play in pressure situations and be a leader.

We felt that at this time it's something that we couldn't rely on to hold up through the entire season given that he has to go up and down on it all the time.

We are very excited to be adding both Harold and Eric to our scouting staff. We feel very strongly that adding Harold to Ron Delorme's amateur scouting staff and Eric to our pro scouting staff will strengthen the department. It is important to our management team that both Harold and Eric have been with our franchise before and are passionate about the Canucks organization.

Matt has developed into a solid two-way player with our hockey club and we look forward to his continued growth as a player for our club.

Koltsov, he's back in Russia. His mother is very ill and he wanted to stay back and be with her. He maintains that he that he wants to come back to North America and if he does we look forward to having him. You know, he's a dynamic player. He can create a scoring chance both for you and against you. He does have some great ability, and he was coming along when he went back (to Russia).

Alex will continue to get the bulk of the work. We are happy with his play and he's proven that he can compete at this level.

There was some healing taking place, and there was a possibility that he could play with it. But after going through the rehab process, and consulting with the doctors, it became apparent that was not going to happen and surgery became the next option.

The Intra-Squad game is a good opportunity for our players to demonstrate their abilities before we open main camp. This game is always filled with intensity and physical play and we are very happy to once again be playing at Bill Copeland Arena.

We believe the league is very serious about the obstruction crackdown and the new rules put in place. That will make speed and skill very important. We felt Richard was one of the guys that fit into that category. He can change the game with his speed.