It wasn't the cleanest game we've played. They're really excited, so I think they may have been overlooking this game a little.

He could make a run for it. He's averaged about 25 points a game this season, so who knows.

They're a young team, but they managed to battle back. We were down by quite a bit in the first half, but we got it down to four at halftime. Freeman played a great game; he just missed it.

He's a pure shooter; that's his best asset. He's not afraid to pull up from anywhere on the court, and I think that's a good thing. I encourage him to shoot whenever he feels comfortable.

I've had to tell him repeatedly to shoot more often. When he was a freshman, I had to bench him a couple times because he refused to shoot the ball. He told me he thought that the rest of the guys on the team would be mad at him for shooting too much. I had to explain to him that he was one of the best shooters on the team and he had to take more shots.