Dave Loos
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"Dave Loos" is an American college basketball coach and the current head men's basketball coach and former athletic director at Austin Peay State University. He has been the coach there since 1990. On April 2, 2013, Loos announced that he would relinquish his position as director of athletics to focus solely on coaching basketball. Derek van der Merwe was announced as the successor to Loos on June 5, 2013.

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We owe our seniors a great deal of gratitude. They have done a great job for us and I hope that people turn out to acknowledge the careers they have had.

He's a good player and he will work his way through it.

It's a result of a hit or a blow he took in the East Tennessee State game. ... When he was examined, the physician thought it best to sit out a while and let this antibiotic really start to do its job, and it appears like it is improving.

He is almost shooting 51 percent (from the 3-point line). I don't think you should be allowed to shoot better from 3 than you do from the field ? and he does.

It remains to be seen how many people go down the stretch, but Tech will be one of them certainly. They're very talented, athletic and deep. Obviously, they're playing well right now.

For us there is 16 conference games to go and yet, boy, these games this weekend seem really important because they are home games. It's kind of early to call them must-win, but they are really important games.

I think he (Hampton) has to work his way through it in his own mind. He's going to continue to keep shooting and that's what will help this team, and that's what we want him to do. Hopefully he'll get off to a good start here soon and he'll be shooting better.

They shoot it so well. It seems like every guy is shooting it 40 to 45 percent from 3. I mean, it's ridiculous.