"Dave Holland" is an English jazz double bassist, composer and bandleader who has been performing and recording for five decades. He has lived in the United States for over 40 years.

His work ranges from pieces for solo performance to big band. Holland runs his own independent record label, Dare2, which he launched in 2005. He has explained his musical philosophy by quoting fellow jazz artist Sam Rivers: "Sam said, 'Don't leave anything out – play all of it.'"

Holland has played with some of the greatest names in jazz, and has participated in several classic recording sessions.

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I think string instruments in general were something I felt an affinity for. I liked the bass. I was a rhythm guitarist and the bass seemed a more interesting thing to do than play chords. It didn't have the high profile of the lead guitarist, but I wasn't really ready for that at the time. It seemed to suit my personality.

There's really a connection between the boxing and his way of playing ... It's the speed, the in and outs, the reaction times, the feinting, the moves, the combinations ... It went right along with his thing -- timing, nuance.

The fundamental role that the bass has always had is to outline the lower parts of the harmony and be supportive rhythmically. You work very closely with the drummer, usually in a jazz group and in the rhythm section. It is sort of a fulcrum in the group.

We have found that our audience range in age from teenager and even younger sometimes, children that are brought by their parents, to the older generation. I am particularly encouraged by how many young people are coming to the concerts and who often travel great distances to be there.

The whole point in developing your own style is to find your own voice.

I think that what is important is that the music be honest and direct and that it is relevant to today. I think music needs to be of its time and speak to that time.

I think there is great interest amongst the younger people in this music. I think that there is a lot of them that are looking for interesting situations and music that is stimulating.

In fact, jazz has such a great feeling and great emotional content that it really doesn't require you to have technical understanding of it. I think you just have to allow your feelings to go with the music and you will find yourself carried along by it fairly quickly.

I grew up in the Midlands area of England around the Birmingham area and when I was four years old, my uncle, who was living in the same house that I was living in, had as a hobby, playing the ukulele. At four years old, I was interested in this instrument already and he taught me a few chords on it. So that is how I started on string instruments.